Art Dash Live! "Mini-Dashes" at FFL's New Building (Nov. 2021)

November 17, 2021 @ 7:00PM — November 21, 2021 @ 10:00PM Central Time (US & Canada)

PLEASE NOTE: To buffer the rising COVID rates in Shelby County, our event committee has decided to change the date of this event (originally Fri., Aug. 27, then Wed., Nov. 10) and reformat the way the 2021 Art Dash will happen. Instead of one event for 500+ guests, we are now offering 11 "Mini-Dashes" limited to 40 guests per Dash. Links to the new "Mini-Dash" dates and ticket prices are included in the section below. Each "Mini-Dash" will be hosted at FFL's new headquarters, located at 1548 Poplar Avenue in Midtown Memphis. This is your chance to Dash for the art you love, while exploring the new home of Friends For Life ... before we renovate it for a Grand Opening in 2022! See below for more details.

Art Dash Live! "Mini-Dashes" at FFL's New Building (Nov. 2021) image


There are currently no tickets available for this event, but you can still make a donation.


Click the links below to purchase your ticket for one (or more!) of our
11 Art Dash "Mini-Dashes." Each Mini-Dash is limited to 40 guests, with the Dash happening in order of the ticket value you choose and the date/time of purchase (i.e., the first guest to buy in each segment is the first guest to Dash for art).

Mini Dash 1: Wednesday, November 17, 2021 - 7pm - 9pm (Dash at 8pm) - $500 Ticket

Mini-Dash 2: Thursday, 11/18 - 7pm - 9pm (Dash at 8pm) - $400 Ticket

Mini-Dash 3: Friday, 11/19 - 7pm - 9pm (Dash at 8pm) - $350 Ticket

Mini-Dash 4: Saturday, 11/20 - 11 am - 1pm (Dash at 12pm) - $300 Ticket

Mini-Dash 5: Saturday, 11/20 - 2pm - 4pm (Dash at 3pm) - $250 Ticket

Mini-Dash 6: Saturday, 11/20 - 5 pm - 7pm (Dash at 6pm) - $200 Ticket

Mini-Dash 7: Saturday, 11/20 - 8pm - 10pm (Dash at 9pm) - $150 Ticket

Mini-Dash 8: Sunday, 11/21 - 11 am - 1pm (Dash at 12pm) - $125 Ticket

Mini-Dash 9: Sunday, 11/21 - 2pm - 4pm (Dash at 3pm) - $125 Ticket

Mini-Dash 10: Sunday, 11/21 - 5 pm - 7pm (Dash at 6pm) - $75 Ticket

Mini-Dash 11: Sunday, 11/21 - 8pm - 10pm (Dash at 9pm) - $50 Ticket

Can't make these dates? A proxy can Dash on your behalf. Email us to learn more,

All Mini-Dashes will be held at 1548 Poplar Avenue in Midtown Memphis.

Each ticket includes an unlimited champagne bar, limited open bar, light hors d'oeuvres and a guaranteed art selection (or your choice) valued at $125 or more. Your art can leave with you on the close of the Mini-Dash.

Proof of vaccination is required for entry and masks are encouraged when not eating or drinking.


How Is the New Mini-Dash Format Like a Typical Art Dash?

  • The Same Collection of Unique, Quality Art – More than 400 pieces are available, with retail values of $5,000 or more! Many national, regional and local artists are represented—and many mediums, in all shapes and sizes.
  • The Same Amazing Opportunity to Score a Deal – At whatever ticket level, you have a higher probability of successfully dashing for not just the art you love most, but also for art that is worth much more than your ticket cost.
  • The Same Event Features – We will still offer an unlimited champagne bar and limited open bar at all ticket levels. As with every Art Dash, light hors d’oeuvres and live music are also provided.
  • The Same Thrill of the Dash! – Each segment offers the same element of “dashing” for the art you want, but with the order of each dash based on the order of your ticket purchase—so the sooner you buy, the sooner you dash! This gives you more opportunity to assure an early dash, improving your chances to get the exact piece you want.
  • The Chance to Dash More Than Once … Or Twice! See a piece you love? Ask our staff if it’s still there, then come back at a lower ticket level to try for it again.

How Is the New Mini-Dash Format Different?

  • A More Intimate Experience – In consideration of COVID risk, we have limited each segment to a group of 40 guests or less, with art displayed in ways that encourage social distancing.
  • Several COVID-Related Safety Measures – Each guest will be required to show proof of vaccination at the door, and masks are required when not eating or drinking. We want all guests to have a good time in the safest way possible.
  • A New Venue … With the Chance to Explore FFL’s New Building – We are hosting these segments at our newly-purchased agency headquarters … and you can be one of the first guests to see our new space! Each Mini-Dash will be located at FFL’s new building, 1548 Poplar Avenue in Midtown Memphis. You’ll get to see the space as it is, pre-renovation, and get a sense of where we’ve been and where we’re going. It’s a great way to see what the new location will offer our community. So come, explore, chat with our board and CEO … and see all the plans for FFL’s future home!
  • Broader Ticket Levels and More Event Dates – All eleven ticket segments offer a broader variety of dates and ticket values, so you can customize your attendance to your own budget and schedule.

I Already Have an Art Dash Ticket. What Is My New Mini-Dash Date and Ticket Level?

All Dashers who purchased a ticket for the August 27th or November 10th event dates, which were rescheduled on account of the COVID resurgence, will be automatically upgraded to the next highest ticket level. All $250 tickets, therefore, will be honored at the $300 Mini-Dash level … all $125 tickets at $150 … and all $25 tickets at $50. This improves each ticketholders chance to Dash for the art they love, and guarantees art for those at the $25 level!

Those who cannot attend their new segment date can participate by proxy and view the art in advance, or secure a refund for their original ticket amount. Additionally, any original ticket purchase can be applied, like cash, to a higher upgrade. (For example, a $250 ticket holder, already upgraded to $300, can apply that $300 to a new $500-level ticket and only pay $200.)

If you are a current ticketholder, our Development team will be calling you soon to discuss your ticket upgrade and details on proxy bidding.

Will There Be Art Left Over That I Can Bid On?

It’s possible! Any art that remains after November 21st will be offered for sale at a Fire Sale, where no piece will be priced higher than $50.00. You can make a private appointment to view the Fire Sale pieces and buy the ones you like best—for a deal!

Hurry! The Sooner You Buy, The Sooner You Dash!

For Your Safety, Guest Counts Are Limited to 40 Guests or Less Per Segment.

Don't Forget! Proof of Vaccination is Required for Entry and Masks Will Be Required Onsite



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